WINGBOX Owner/Operator


Here at WINGBOX, we pride ourselves on hard work, quality food and extreme consistency with how our product is served every time.  We are now looking to spread our wings across the country and find more wing lovers to start their own journey with us as a ‘franchisee’.  When you join the WINGBOX brand as a franchisee, you acquire the right to use the WINGBOX name, trademarks, image, logo, and procedures.  This with all the help, experience, training and guidance of the WINGBOX management, we will make sure that you, the franchisee, becomes a success.  We do this by giving you a solid infrastructure to follow, and an established concept that will help you maintain and monitor the growth of your business for years to come.



Do you want to be part of a growing brand?
Are you looking for a franchise opportunity with very low initial investment? 
Are you looking for a food business with low labour costs?
Does your business need to be easy to operate?
Are you looking at a high sales income from a small square footage?
Do you want a fast return on your investment?
Are you a wing lover?
If you answered YES to most of these questions please read on.



To become a WINGBOX franchisee, we are not looking for super experienced chefs or a personal net worth individual of £300,000 or more.  What we are looking for is like minded individuals or companies that believe in what we do, and feel they can achieve what we have in our stores where they live through pure hard work and determination to succeed.  Every application is judged in a way that looks at everyone’s situation differently. You may be a young entrepreneur and looking to take hold of the take-away wings market in your local town, or you may be a school teacher that is looking for a change in direction career wise?  Whatever you are we will work with you in a realistic manner and help you get your WINGBOX off the ground and earning money fast.  Different locations will determine the minimum investment that is required for each WINGBOX, interested parties will be advised on projected start-up costs for each location.



Location, location, location… It really is one of the most important features of running a successful business.  Therefore all prospective WINGBOX locations must be approved by the Managing Director of Wingbox Ltd.




Neil, joined the first ever WINGBOX as a manager in 2011, after working extensively with other food companies in this sector he brought a wealth of experience to the company.  He was very enthusiastic about the brand from the start and could see that it was going places, which led him to take over the business as a franchisee in 2012 at the Crosby location in Liverpool.  The company is now doing tremendous business, with month on month growth, year after year.  Neil now works closely with his wife Sarah an events manager, to develop the brand, spread the word, create new wing lovers and grow to its very niche, wing loving fan base.  

Neil now has two succesful running WINGBOX restaurants and his 3rd is currently in development stages.