About Wingbox


We are WINGBOX and our USP is simple – Fresh Authentic Buffalo Style Chicken Wings as the focal point of the menu.  We also do 12 other great tasting flavours, boneless wings, wraps, burgers, sides, American chip salt fries and of course all served with our famous homemade blue cheese dip, carrots and celery.

WINGBOX has been established since 2008 and we have been acquiring an enviable reputation in our local community ever since.  Featuring on various local radio shows, local press and even an appearance on ‘Come dine with me’ where we showed one of the contestants how to make authentic buffalo wings. We are certainly a crowd pleaser and have a cult like following from our regulars, (The Wingfanatics) and often attract different celebrities too, which has helped us grow into a ‘cool’ brand.

Our journey originally began because of our founder's passion for Buffalo Wings, and his quest to eat one of the world’s most popular foods whenever he wanted in England, something he found very difficult to achieve.  

He grew up in Niagara Falls, Canada which is just across the border from The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, the birth place of the Buffalo Wing which dates all the way back to 1964.  Later on, he moved to England with his parents and got very frustrated because he was unable to find authentic style Buffalo Wings that are so common in his home town. He would often order wings advertised as Buffalo Wings on British menus, but when the food arrived it was just never anywhere near the same taste or quality. 

Years later he decided Buffalo Wings were just too good for the British people to miss out on and WINGBOX was born.

So, if you are like our founder and fed up of ordering Buffalo wings and not getting what you expected, you are in for a treat. We are passionate about our wings - premium wings cooked the traditional way for that real American authentic taste. 

Come and visit us today —believe me your family, friends and taste buds will thank you!